Introducing Conflux

Conflux is designed as a unified orchestration engine that allows the creation of hybrid applications leveraging the processing power big data computing systems.

  • Batch: ETL processing at scale on Hadoop .
  • Streaming: Complex Event Processing (CEP) on Storm.
  • Fast Cluster Computing: In-memory processing on Spark .

Conflux Benefits

  • Cost Savings - The platform through visual workflow, abstracts out all the coding needed, keeping the need for training existing staff at a minimum
  • Productivity Improvement - Designing & reusing workflows and running jobs leveraging the platform is very efficient
  • Scale and Complexity Management - The platform provides an extensive set of ever-growing connectors to data sources, CRM and other such systems, and manages version compatibility across the processing environments like Hadoop and Storm
  • Speed of Implementation - Templates and accelerators already built-in for key verticals and business processes can help your organization get started on data integration very quickly, and enables users to easily move from experimentation to production.