Apervi Conflux -
Industry’s only web-based, code-free, big data integration platform with seamless out-of-the-box support for Hadoop, Storm and Spark

Conflux is a big data integration platform powered by a highly scalable and optimized data processing engine. It enables users to integrate data from various sources and leverage Hadoop, Storm, and Spark for data at rest (batch processing), real-time (in-motion), and for in memory processing respectively. It is architected to coexist and interact with your existing enterprise infrastructure via standardized REST interfaces.

Conflux Director

Conflux Director is a suite of ready to use key components built to harness the power of the Conflux Platform. It offers an intuitive toolset to build big data applications securely and code free.
    • An elegant, modern, and extremely intuitive HTML5 user interface
    • Build and configure workflows with simple drag-n-drop operations
    • Eliminate complexity in job design by combining workflows with out-of-the-box commands¬†
    • Collaborate and share your workflows between different business units and individuals.
    • A flexible scheduler to plan and execute your big data workflows in a timely fashion
    • Extensible and easily integrates with third party schedulers
    • Intuitive user interface, comprehensive and audit capable.
    • Monitor the health of your jobs from virtually any browser and remotely via handheld devices
    • View the job progress and key statistics in real-time
    • Drilldown job results and log files to identify and troubleshoot issues within seconds.
    • Gain visibility into job stats and KPIs in a fully customizable screen
    • View alerts and notifications on running jobs and workflows
    • Build custom dashboards with pre-built widgets relevant to the user roles
    • Use the extensible framework to integrate custom dashboard widgets.
    • Ready to use connectors to unlock and extract data from a variety of data sources
    • Support for all major industry standard data exchange formats
    • Prebuilt custom connectors for specific industry segments like EDI, Telecom and Healthcare
    • Connect and extract insights from a mainframe as easily as you would from twitter.